Enhance Your Web Design Workflow with Codia DesignGen

Introducing a new paradigm in designing, Codia DesignGen empowers you to translate your creative ideas into a fully-featured, responsive website design in just a few minutes. Whether you aim to create a stunning landing page, a lively blog, or a complex website, Codia DesignGen makes it all possible with just one prompt.

Codia DesignGen

Key Features of Codia DesignGen:

  • A Rich Design System: Codia DesignGen integrates the standardized Figma design system, boasting over 200 design blocks and elements, multiple inbuilt themes, and compatibility with both light and dark modes. Our ever-evolving library ensures that you have access to the latest design resources.

  • Responsive Design: Deliver exceptional designs that seamlessly adapt across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. With comprehensive support for responsive design, Codia DesignGen makes it incredibly easy to tailor your designs for any device.

  • Drag-and-Drop Modelling: When you need to personalize AI-generated designs, leverage the user-friendly drag-and-drop feature for easy optimization. You can also directly edit Figma files, eliminating the need for any additional learning curve.

  • Diverse Design Assets: Enhance your designs with a myriad of decorations and multiple styles of 2D and 3D resources. Codia DesignGen provides a wide-ranging selection to complement your unique vision.


  • 1、Login and Initial Setup: To get started, users need to sign in to the plugin. For improved user experience, Codia DesignGen automatically creates a default workspace and page upon first use, enabling you to conveniently dive into the design process without any initial hassle.


  • 2、Design Instruction Generation: Users can generate design drafts by providing a prompt or design instruction. Codia DesignGen faithfully interprets and implements your prompt, whether it's a simple keyword hint or a detailed design requirement.

Prompt to Figma Design

  • 3、Manual Design Draft Optimization: Based on the AI-generated initial draft, users can adjust the design by engaging in a dialogue mode or manually inserting elements. This function ensures a high degree of design freedom and professionalism while allowing your creativity to truly shine.


  • 4、Theme Configuration and Application: Users can quickly modify the design draft's theme through the theme configuration feature, including theme color, Corner Radius, and font elements. Once the theme is updated, it's instantly applied across all pages within the workspace, ensuring a consistent style appearance.

Codia DesignGen: Theme Configuration

Codia DesignGen leverages advanced AI technology and human-centric design operations to bring a whole new experience to your web design. Give it a try today and simplify your design process!

Now, enhance your web design workflow and elevate your projects with Codia DesignGen!

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